Day 9: Welcome to Nanjing!

Today we departed Shanghai and took the fast train to Nanjing where we were welcomed by some of our partners from Nanjing Normal University. Unlike the previous two cities, we are staying at a guesthouse on the Nanjing Normal University campus– true student immersion! After settling into our rooms, we visited a Buddhist temple where they were celebrating the birthday of a deity. This temple was resurrected many times with the most recent resurrection happening after WWII in 1950. We learned that many people refer to this temple as “The Temple of Love” because of its supposed abilities to bring people love. After visiting the temple, we walked to the city wall which was constructed 600 years ago. Each brick is inscribed with the name of its maker to ensure the quality of each individual brick. We strolled the parameter of Xuanwu Lake and saw how locals spend their Sunday afternoons. Many were dancing, eating ice cream, picnicking, and leisurely walking. 

From there, like true Washingtonians, we took the metro back to the university. The metro system in China is extremely user friendly, high-tech, efficient, and not to mention– CHEAP!  Once we returned to campus we had our first of two mandarin lessons taught by Miss Lieu. We learned the basic structure of the language (subject, verb, object) and how to count to 1000! Wow. We’re basically fluent. 

Tomorrow we’ll be visiting the Jiangsu Rehabilitation Center and have the opportunity to speak with current SLP students at Nanjing Normal. Check back in tomorrow! 

On the way to Nanjing!
Entrance to Nanjing Normal University
“Temple of Love”
Xuanwu Lake
Nanjing metro ride, hold on tight!
Mandarin lesson with Miss Lieu

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