Getting Ready to Say Zàijiàn (goodbye) to China

Today was our last full day in China (sad)! After checking out at the Nanjing Normal University guest house, we traveled to Sir Run Run Hospital, Nanjing Medical University Hospital. There we met Dr. Lin Feng and were given a tour of the facility. The facility is just three years old and has state of the art equipment and technology in a multilevel rehab unit. The unit even employs teletherapy to deliver therapy to remote communities in China. We learned a little about Dr. Fang’s research involving listening to the sounds of the glottis in relation to swallowing, and pragmatics, and learned about a database for aphasia. We were also surprised to learn that they use the same pragmatics rating scale, The Modified Communication Performance Scale (MCPS), as us! The university recently started a speech-language pathology rehabilitation program. Each class has 20 students, about a third of ours at GW. Students apply for a general rehabilitation program and are then placed in ST, OT, or PT by the teaching staff depending on the students’ displayed strengths. This is different from our application process in The United States where we apply for specific programs and wait to hear if we are admitted. After the presentations and a tour, Dr. Feng graciously provided us with lunch. We concluded our last hospital visit and made our way back to Shanghai via another fast train! We had one last family dinner altogether and finished it off with a sweet ending to Dairy Queen.

Bye Nanjing Normal! Thank you for the lovely stay!
Sir Run Run Hospital Entrance.
The Mandarin Chinese version of the MCPS.
Interested students
A proud partnership

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